Cessna 335 ADs. This list of Cessna 335 airworthiness directives is provided as a service and is copied directly from the FAA website. We do not guarantee this is up-to-date. Click here to browse this on the FAA website.

Cessna 335 ADs

Published DateAD NumberEffective DateSubject
80-13-147/22/1980Fuel Flow Transducer
80-17-048/13/1980Fuel Flow Transducers
80-19-109/29/1980Deicer Systems In Adverse Weather
81-07-11 R14/17/1981Balance Weight Support Structure
82-26-0512/27/1982Rudder Balance Weight Rib
87-21-02 R16/16/1989Fuel Filler Openings
97-01-132/3/1997Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Hoses
8/26/20162016-17-089/12/2016Elevator Tab Control System
1/19/20052005-01-192/23/2005Mode S transponders
1/19/20002000-01-162/15/2000Exhaust System
12/3/199898-25-0212/22/1998Top-mounted Antenna
2/17/199898-04-283/13/1998AFM – Limitations Section – Icing
6/17/199696-12-227/31/1996Full Flow Engine Oil Adapter
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