The August Cessna Owner cover plane, owned by Travis Latham, featured an ingenious modification: a fabric storage compartment attached to the inside of the baggage door. The organizer is made by Denton Enterprises in Nampa, Idaho, and is designed to be a direct replacement for the baggage door upholstery. 

“It was a simple matter of taking off the old baggage door upholstery by unscrewing the self-tapping screws and installing this one with self-tapping screws,” said Tim Winters who owned the Skylane before Travis. “Total time was maybe 15 minutes on the outside. I did it with my A&P at annual.” 

The organizer is made of thin plastic covered in nylon and has six pockets sewn in to hold the small items you don’t want floating around your baggage area. 

“It is one of those nice to have things I’d have never thought of,” Travis said. “I usually keep a couple quarts of oil, the fuel tester, some rags, and a multi tool in there. If not for that, I’d have it all in a box taking up space in the baggage compartment!” 

The organizer measures 19 ½ by 22 inches and is designed specifically for Cessna singles. It can be ordered by phone from Denton Enterprises at 208-466-4882. 

This baggage door organizer for Cessna
singles is made by Denton Enterprises.
Photo by Jack Fleetwood (