Scheyden Precision Eyewear’s Panorama and Jet-A frames (two of their most popular) have been upgraded to even further levels of comfort and quality.

The new features include spring loaded triple barrel hinges and adjustable titanium temples. The upgrades will allow the frames to fit a wider variety of face shapes while adding even more comfort to enhance the user experience.

Panorama and Jet-A frames are Hybrid frames with a Cedar Rolled Composite and Titanium. The Panorama gives the most coverage of all the hybrid models with its large wrap style frame. The Jet-A’s are Scheyden’s number one selling hybrid frame with a classic edgy wrap design that seems most popular with the mainstream. As with all Scheyden Eyewear, both are designed for the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Scheyden Brand Manager Jon Pariseau, remarks, “Though our eyewear is at the highest level of quality we are always searching for ways to improve the Scheyden experience in terms of comfort and fit.”

Scheyden Eyewear is the leader in premium handcrafted eyewear geared toward general aviation but has recently expanded its marketing efforts towards mainstream consumers. The new enhancements on the Panorama and Jet-A’s make an even greater appeal to everyone in and out of the aviation industry as it will better fit more facial shapes, great for any occasion.

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