By Scott Sellers

  1. Legacy (pre-1997 models) and Restart (Post 1997 models) Cessna Owners & Operators (i.e. flying club members or renters) who have any reason to believe their plane hasn’t been properly inspected for corrosion or been made as corrosion-resistant as possible.
  2. Anyone interested in participating in the proactive maintenance of their Cessna, Piper, Beech, Mooney airplanes who would like to save money on costs of operations along with improved dispatch reliability of their airplane. This event is especially for pilots who want to get involved in self-performing preventative maintenance and stand-alone maintenance items of the airplanes they fly.
  3. Anyone interested in real-time dialog about Cessnas with Paul New (and other Cessna experts on the staff).
  4. Anyone who wants to improve their ability to make good decisions about the airplane’s airworthiness for their next flight, which is a requirement for all pilots
  5. Pilots/Owners/Operator who desire to run their engines beyond TBO, and to safely operate for longest life cycle with lowest cost of operation.
  6. Student pilots who are nearing their first plane ownership.
  7. A&P students and others studying for their next pilot’s license/rating.
  8. A&P mechanics and others who participate in aircraft maintenance/repairs, even if they are not pilots, owners, or operators.