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Join Paul New for his 3-part Master Class Series:
Crew Seat Latching Systems

Each video comes with the recorded webinars, question and answer sessions, hangar walk throughs, and a slide deck. Valuable material that can save you time and money

Member Testimonial: I just wanted to call and thank you. One of the tips I got from the webinar [Lubrication], is if you had your plane recently painted, to make sure you check the wheel bearings. I had just picked up my plane from being painted and I brought it into maintenance today and they pulled the wheels off, and of course the wheel bearings had been sitting there for months getting this thing done, are all rusted and corroded on the outside wheel bearings. I thought I would just say thank you, and that one tip, what that might have saved me is just more than worth the webinar. Honestly, I wouldn't have checked until it went in for an annual inspection, which would have been a whole summer worth of flying.

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