Cessna / Textron has released a Service Bulletin related to 206H and T206H Stationair and the Elevator Trim Stop Block location. The Service Bulletin number is SEB-27-04.

Serial Numbers:

  • 206H 20608001 thru 20608319
  • T206H T20608001 thru T20608953

This service document provides instructions to move the position and orientation of the stop blocks. This will provide additional clearance from the cable turnbuckle. The bulletin notes that airplanes that have previously completed SB09-27-02 – Elevator Trim Stops Inspection or SB10-27-01 – Elevator Trim Stops Relocation should still complete this service document because the stop block position and orientation are updated in this service document.

The recommendation is that this service document should be accomplished at the next 100-hour or 12-month (annual-type) inspection. Instructions for your mechanic are detailed.

  1. Prepare the airplane for maintenance (included steps are to disconnect the battery).
  2. Remove the travel stop blocks from the elevator trim cables. Keep the stop blocks and bolts. Discard the bushings and the nuts.
  3. Install the stop blocks (great detail is provided here, including removal of a back seat).
  4. Reconnect everything.
  5. Make an entry in the logbook.

Download a PDF of this service bulletin here.