Stratus_ESG_panel_wideAs Appareo prepares for the final FAA flight test for Stratus ESG (an ADS-B Out transponder with built-in WAAS GPS), the company is pleased to announce a price reduction.

Appareo, which designs, develops, manufactures and supports all Stratus products in the USA, has lowered the MSRP of Stratus ESG from $3,490 to $2,995. This new low price still includes built-in WAAS GPS and a GPS antenna at no extra cost, making Stratus ESG the industry’s most affordable panel-mounted 1090 ES transponder with WAAS GPS.

Appareo’s network of nearly 250 authorized dealers have been actively selling Stratus ESG and scheduling installations to begin this summer. The price reduction will be reflected in all existing purchase agreements.

“I can easily speak on behalf of everyone at Appareo when I say we’re excited to complete our final FAA flight in April,” said Appareo director of sales Kris Garberg. “It’s been evident that the market is hungry for an affordable option like Stratus ESG, so we’re quite eager to receive certification and start shipping.”

The final FAA flight test will take place later this month, and shipment of Stratus ESG will begin upon FAA approval.

Since introducing its first Stratus ADS-B receiver in 2012, Appareo is neosurf voucher casino recognized as the industry leader in ADS-B portable receivers. The success and popularity of the receivers motivated Appareo to develop the transponder with Stratus customers in mind.

“We wanted to offer an affordable way for the non-glass panel market to comply with the mandate for ADS-B Out,” said Derek Aslakson, aviation product manager at Appareo. “We focused on developing an all-in-one-box solution to minimize installation costs, while also giving pilots an option that replaces their analog transponders with a new digital transponder,” Aslakson said.

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