Alpha Aviation, Inc. recently received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval to re-establish production of Cessna straps.

PMA article AAI-0511232-4 will be produced under Alpha Aviation’s production authorization and made available to owners and operators of early Cessna Model 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, and 185 series aircraft, per the approved model list, for the purpose of facilitating the installation of three-point rear passenger restraints.

The installation authority and procedures are provided by the FAA approved Cessna Service Kits SK170-12C, SK185-52D, and SK182-101B, pertinent excerpts of which are enclosed with each purchase.

Alpha Aviation’s PMA Article AAI-0511232-4 is available directly from Alpha Aviation at a price of $1,190 for the fixed strap version, and $1,436 for the inertial reel version. Included are the installation instructions, drawings, and required hardware to create the shoulder harness attachment points, and OEM quality AmSafe® restraint systems for the two rear passenger seats.

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The “fixed” version. At the top of the page is the “inertial” product.