The FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin for numerous Cessna models to alert owners and operators that they should inspect the bolts that attach to the seat base of the pilot and copilot seats.

The SAIB says you should check this if your seat part numbers are:

0515001-20, -25, -26, -208, -209, -210, or -211.

There will not be an AD issued for this situation, the SAIB states. The recommendation is to perform a repetitive 200-hour visual inspection of the bolts that attach the seat back to the seat base of the pilot and copilot seats.

For background, the SAIB states this:

The FAA received a safety recommendation regarding a Cessna 172K landing accident. During application of the brakes on landing, the pilot’s seat back collapsed, contributing to the pilot losing line-of-sight of the runway. The airplane departed the runway and collided with the airport’s segmented circle. The pilot and passenger were not injured; however, the airplane suffered substantial damage. The left-hand bolt attaching the seat back to the seat base had failed. The airplane’s most recent 100-hour inspection was completed two months prior to the accident. Review of service difficulty reports identified additional reports of damaged or suspected incorrect hardware installed in the seat back to seat base connection.