Are you getting ready to purchase your next Cessna or other plane? Then this webinar series is for you!

Plane Ownership – Part 1, pre-purchase program focuses on how to get ready to buy your Cessna and is meant not just for first-time plane buyers, but also those who are looking for a new-to-you plane. This webinar is followed by a 2 more webinars covering what to do in the first few months after you buy your plane. Learn more about the entire series here.

How to Buy a Plane! What you will learn:

  • Why the first few years after purchase are tougher than the purchase itself.
  • What percentage of the purchase price you should set aside for upgrades and maintenance in the first year after purchase.
  • What percentage does fuel represent in overall airplane ownership costs.
  • What are your best options for financing?
  • When do you need to identify your mechanic?
  • Can you buy an airplane without an escrow agent?
  • Do you have to get aircraft insurance?
  • What are the most-important factors that determine the cost of aircraft insurance?
  • What do Cessna insurance underwriters look for and look at when they determine eligibility and cost?
  • How can you lower your Cessna insurance bill?
  • What should be on your prepurchase checklist?
  • What things should you know before you buy an airplane?
  • How should you plan for and handle the closing of your new-to-you airplane?

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