Like many of you, I’ve been using ForeFlight in my airplane for a couple of years. I went cold turkey on paper charts and plates. I have survived and have adapted quite nicely, thank you very much! I also purchased an iPad mini and a yoke mount. I have a few complaints, but they mostly arise from the iPad not having been designed for an airplane. One of those complaints is where the power cable plugs in at the bottom of the display. 

Since it is mounted on the yoke — and in my lap is a kneeboard and other things like a pencil, a handheld, a PLB, and a pulse oximeter (not all at the same time) — it has a tendency to collide with my winter coat on the bottom and the iPad power cable at the top. I’m expecting to bump that power cable hard enough one day to break the connector in the iPad, rendering it useless. 

In my search for a solution I found a U-shaped power cord on Amazon for $9.99. There are a few brands out there, but the one I purchased is from Bad Elf. Now when I bump the bottom of the iPad I don’t risk breaking the power cord or the connector on the iPad.