Cessna has issued Service Bulletin SEL-27-02 to alert 150 and 152 owners to watch for rudder horn corrosion. The Cessna Rudder Horn Corrosion Service Bulletin is downloadable below.


All airplane serials that have a service kit installed as follows:

  • SK152-24 Rudder Stop Modification – Sheet Metal Bulkhead (Revision B or previous versions)
  • SK152-25 Rudder Stop Modification – Forged Bulkhead (Revision B or previous versions)


  • 150 649, 15061533 thru 15079405
  • A150 A1500001 thru A1500734, 15064970
  • A-150 A-1501001 thru A-1501039
  • A-A150 A-A1500001 thru A-A1500009
  • F150 F150-001 thru F150-0529, F15000530 thru
  • F15001428
  • FA150 FA1500001 thru FA1500120
  • FRA150 FRA1500121 thru FRA1500336
  • 152 15279406 thru 15286033
  • A152 A15200681, A1500433, A1520735 thru
  • A1521049
  • F152 F15201429 thru F15201980
  • FA152 FA1520337 thru FA1520425


Airplanes that have a listed service kit installed, corrosion due to dissimilar metals has been found between the rudder horn and bumpers. The corrosion, if not found and corrected, can cause failure of the rudder horn, loss of rudder control and subsequently loss of airplane control.


This service document provides instructions to do a general visual inspection of the rudder horn for evidence of corrosion around the bumpers. The service document also provides instructions to do a detailed visual inspection with removal of the bumpers from the rudder horn. The reassembly will introduce corrosion resistant sealant and corrosion inhibiting compound.


MANDATORY: This service document must be accomplished as follows:

  • Steps 1-2 General Visual Inspection must be accomplished in the next 10 flight hours or 30 days, whichever occurs first, and then every 6 months until Steps 3-17 are accomplished.
  • Steps 3-17, Detailed Visual Inspection/Bumper Removal must be accomplished at the next annual inspection and no later than March 31, 2020.

NOTE: At the owner’s discretion, steps 3-17, Detailed Visual Inspection/Bumper Removal can be accomplished at the initial inspection. It is a more intrusive inspection and during the reassembly

the corrosion resistant sealant, anodized rivets, epoxy primer, polyurethane paint, and application of corrosion inhibiting compound will provide additional corrosion protection.

Download the entire Cessna Rudder Horn Corrosion Service Bulletin here: Cessna Service Letter Rudder Horn SEL-27-02