Author: Scott "Sky" Smith

Beyond Flying for Fun

Cessna Aircraft Insurance Risks: What it really boils down to is if you are going to an air show, fly-in, or other event and you want to participate in static display, flyby, formation flying, aerobatics, etc., make sure you have the correct aircraft to meet the FAA require¬ments, the correct ratings and certificates, and the correct insur¬ance. And if you’re getting paid (fuel, rental car, rooms) know what the rules are from the FAA and the underwriters.

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Tips and Traps in Warranties

So, I got to thinking. What about all these warranties on air­craft and their components? I know that if you have an accident and you have insurance, the damage should be covered. But of course, repairs to worn-out parts aren’t covered. And what about the engine? If the crank is cracked or the compression is low, is that a warranty item or an insurance item? Or is that just a part of ownership?

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Flying at Home

Simulators Are Not Only Fun, They’re Also a Practical Way to Practice.

Sometimes work and the family schedule don’t allow me (and many other pilots) to fly every day. Some days, it might be the weather that keeps me grounded, and sometimes it’s the budget that clips my wings.

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