Textron issued Service Bulletin SEL-32-02 to inform owners of certain 172s that they should check their nose landing gear strut’s service pressure because there have been reports of it being too high.

The service bulletin is meant for serial numbers: 172S12104 thru 172S12255.


  • 1. Prepare the airplane for maintenance.
    • A. Make sure that the airplane is electrically grounded.
    • B. Make sure that all switches are in the OFF/NORM position.
    • C. Disconnect electrical power from the airplane.
      • (1) Disconnect external electrical power.
      • (2) Disconnect the airplane battery.
    • D. Attach maintenance warning tags to the battery and external power receptacle that have “DO NOT CONNECT ELECTRICAL POWER – MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS” written on them.
  • 2. Use weight or tie down the tail of the airplane to lift the nose wheel from the floor.
  • 3. Do a pressure check of the NLG shock strut and adjust the pressure to 45 PSI if necessary. (Refer to the Model 172R/172S Maintenance Manual, Chapter 32, Nose Landing Gear Shock Strut – Servicing.)
  • 4. Lower the nose wheel to the floor and remove the weight or tie down from the tail of the airplane.
  • 5. Remove the maintenance warning tags and connect the airplane battery.
  • 6. Make an entry in the airplane logbook that states compliance and method of compliance with this service

Download the PDF here.