Turn of the Century Baby Boy Suit

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By Barbara Guyette

The model is a 20” baby by the Simon and Halbig Doll Company of Germany, circa 1900. He has blown glass eyes of blue, a short brown mohair wig, a five-piece jointed body, and is made of composition. Isn’t it difficult to imagine that tine babies commonly more elegant and elaborate outfits of sating and velvet like the one displayed on our model?

Now you can easily reproduce the costume magic of a bygone era for your own dolls using these complete patterns and instructions. Authentically costume an antique baby doll, or delightfully enhance a contemporary one!

Trial fit the patterns to your own doll before cutting out your good fabric. Minor alterations may have to be made. Sometimes it is best to make a muslin model of the costume piece first, adjust it to fit your doll, then sew the actual outfit.

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