Piper Magazine - 10/2015 - Digital

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10 Fly High & Breathe Easy! Aircraft Oxygen Systems 101
By John Bakos

16 The Avionics Equation:
How Avionics Can Make (or Break) a Good Deal
By Bob Hart

24 The Ninety-Nines:
Inspiring Women Pilots Since 1929
By Floyd Allen

48 A Safer View:
Cutting-edge Camera Tech Takes Glass Panel Piloting to the Next Level
By Ryan Mohr


8 Safety Corner
Depend on Automation… when appropriate
By Jason Blair

32 Featured Plane – Dakota: Piper’s answer to the Skylane
By Bill Cox

42 Under the Cowling – Pre-Purchase Inspections
By Jacqueline Shipe

58 Circle of Flight
Executing the Plan: Flight Planning Tips & Tech for the Modern Pilot
By Tom Machum

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