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JULY 2015


10 Flights of Mercy, Wings of Love: Liga International
The life you change may be your own
By Donia Moore

18 7 Simple Tips to Making a Confident Airplane Purchase
By Tom Ferguson

24 AVIONICS: Evolution of the Navcom
By Bob Hart

42 Spruce Up Your Tired Interior without Spending a Fortune
SEM Repair & Refinishing Products Make it Simple and Affordable for Anyone
By Jim Cavanagh


34 Featured Plane
Seneca in the Fifth Generation: The Seneca just keeps on getting better!
By Bill Cox

50 Under the Cowling
An INSIDE Look at Engine Cylinders
By Jacqueline Shipe

56 Lessons from the Logbook
Murphy’s Laws of Aviation
Why what you learned in flight school may be open to question
By Bill Cox

60 Circle of Flight
SOPs and Checklists: There’s more for you than “Read and Do”
By Tom Machum

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