Piper Magazine - 02/2015 - Digital

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10 ADS-B Today: What you can do NOW to meet and exceed the Looming ADS-B mandate
By Bob Hart

20 MyAircraftLogs and the Evolution of Logging
By Max Lundin

26 A WARM Reception for Cold Weather – Preheat from afar with Far Start Technologies!
By Max Lundin


8 Safety Corner – Choosing the Right Plane: Logic vs. Emotion
By Marci Veronie

32 Featured Plane
Piper’s Strongest Indian: the Pressurized Navajo
By Bill Cox

40 Under the Cowling
How to Pinpoint Pitot-Static System Problems
By Jacqueline Shipe

46 Lessons from the Logbook
Why Learn to Fly?
By Bill Cox

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