Cessna Owner Magazine - 07/2020

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July 2020
What;s inside…

8 Featured Plane
Cessna Aerobat
Cessna 150 in 3D
By Bill Cox

14 CFI’s Perspective
By Tamara Griffith

16 Avionics
More Attitude!
The uAvionix AV-30-C
By Bob Hart

20 Sky Talk
Flights Over Water
A cautionary tale and some tips to fly safely
By Scott “Sky” Smith

24 Member Restoration
Australian Hangar Queen Restored
Laurie Shaw restores his uncle’s 182 to like-new
By Katie Holliday-Greenley

30 Professional IFR Flight
Planning for the GA Pilot
Ask yourself the right questions
By Joel Turpin

46 Hangar Tip
Installing Sun-Blocking Window Film

By Scott Sherer

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