Cessna Owner Magazine - 04/2018

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April 2018
What’s inside …

10 Let’s Talk Overhauls!
Aircraft Engine Gaskets
By Jim Cavanagh

20 Avionics
ADS-B … on the Cheap!
By Bob Hart

28 Featured Plane
10,000 Miles in a Crusader
By Bill Cox

36 The View from My Hangar
Do You Know Where I Can Find …?
By Erich Rempert

40 Lessons from the Logbook
Eight Tips & Tricks to International
Travel in the 21st Century
By Bill Cox

46 Sky Talk
Aircraft Delivery
7 Take-home Tips to Close the Sale
By Scott “Sky” Smith

54 Hangar Tip
Gluing With Grease!
By Erich Rempert

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