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May 2024

What’s inside…

8 Featured Plane
Cessna 150/152 Market Report
By Dan Brownell

20 Avionics
Electronic Flight Instruments
By Bob Hart

26 The Workings of Constant-Speed Propellers
By Jacqueline Shipe, A&P/IA

30 Sky Talk
4 Things That Can Void Your Policy
By Scott “Sky” Smith

34 What Instrument Pilots Need to Know about IFR Alternates
by Joel A. Turpin – ATP CFII

38 Best of Tech Support
Answers By Erich Rempert, A&P/IA

46 Hangar Tip
Cessna Owner Organization Has a New Online Store!
By Scott Sherer

Member Activity
42 Member Q&A

6 From the Aviation Director
45 Advertiser Index & Website Directory

On the coverAlex Cywan’s 1969 Cessna 150J flying the beautiful California skies. Photo credit: Johann Alexander