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July 2024

What’s inside…

8 Featured Plane  
Cessna 172S  
A New Life and A New Name  
By Michelle Adserias  

18 Avionics  
Options: New From Garmin
By Bob Hart

24 When Weather Turns to Trouble
By Jim Curns

28 What Instrument Pilots Need to Know About Flying the Visual Segment on an IFR Approach  
By Joel Turpin, ATP/CFI-I/FAA Master Pilot  

32 CamGuard Confession  
A First-Hand Assessment of Aviation’s Most Talked About Oil Additive  
By Jim Cavanagh  

36 Sky Talk  
Training is Required
By Scott “Sky” Smith

40  Alternator and Electrical System Troubleshooting  
by Jacqueline Shipe, A&P/IA

46 Hangar Tip  
Take Photos While Flying
By Scott Sherer

On the cover : Brad Lee’s 2003 Cessna 172S. Photos by Jack Fleetwood (