I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive things that make my airplane look nice. As my wife would say, “You just like to spend money.” There’s probably some truth to that but I like to spend it on my airplane, and I use my plane to take her on vacations. So, I’m guilt-free!

Last winter I started to renovate the interior of my plane and I replaced the windshield, side windows, headliner, and window molding. This winter I’m going to do the carpeting, wall panels, and seat covers.

Last week I was sitting in my plane and was looking at my seat belts. I noticed that the seat belt buckles were scratched and worn. Of course, they’re 43 years old so this shouldn’t be a surprise. I wanted to do something about it, so I went to one of my go-to websites, Knots 2U, and while scrolling through I found a very cool stick-on, rubber-coated seat belt applique. They’re around $12 for a pair and make for a quick, easy way to spruce up your airplane’s interior.

Note that you have to clean the buckles with an alcohol wipe, which is included, before you put on the applique.