Piper Magazine - 08/2018 - Digital

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August 2018
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8 Piper-Stinson 108
The Joy of A Tailwheel
By Bill Cox

14 Stinson Recommendations & Market Report
Advice from the owners of www.stinsonflyer.com

16 Avionics
Evolution of the Portable
By Bob Hart

22 The View from My Hangar
Why is My Plane So Slow?
By Erich Rempert

28 Evolution of In-Cockpit Weather
Why You Should Seriously Consider Upgrading to SiriusXM
By Scott Sherer

30 Sky Talk
Your Next Challenge: Avoiding the Drones
By Scott “Sky” Smith

36 Budget Restoration Projects
USB Power for Your Plane
By Scott Sherer

46 Hangar Tip
Lucas Spray Wax Does it All in One Bottle
By Erich Rempert


5 From the Publisher

42 On Approach
Aviation News & Announcements

44 Advertiser Index & Website Directory

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