Piper Magazine - 07/2018 - Digital

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July 2018
What’s inside …


8 Florida Crash Update
Owners Monitoring Embry-Riddle Tragedy
By Rocky Landsverk

10 Featured Plane
Twin Comanche
The Broker’s Twin
By Bill Cox

18 Avionics
Getting the Most from Oshkosh’s
By Bob Hart

26 Lessons from the Logbook
Myth vs Reality (A 10-Point Program)
By Bill Cox

34 Sky Talk
Moving Up
Should You Rent or Buy?
By Scott “Sky” Smith

40 Zen and the Art of Airplane Ownership
Little Things: What Can You Restore for $10?
Gas Cap Gaskets
By Scott Sherer

46 Hangar Tip
A Word or Two on Plexiglas Care
By Erich Rempert


5 From the Publisher

6 From the Forum
An Update on Member Activity from our Online Community

43 On Approach
Aviation News & Announcements

45 Advertiser Index & Website Directory

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