Piper Magazine - 07/2016 - Digital

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July 2016

10 A Do-it-yourselfer’s Guide to Installing Knots Lighted Wingtips
By Scott Sherer

42 Young Eagles, Bald Eagles and the Perpetuation of General Aviation
By Floyd Allen

18 Avionics
Inside the New Age of Angle of Attack Technology
By Bob Hart

24 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
What Instrument Pilots NEED TO KNOW About Holding Patterns
By Joel Turpin

34 Featured Plane
The T-Twin Comanche: Piper’s Littlest Twin:
By Bill Cox

46 Lessons from the Logbook
20 Things You Probably Never Knew About Aviation (Or Maybe You Forgot)
By Bill Cox

56 Circle of Flight
Manage Your Energy
By Tom Machum

62 Sky Talk
“But I Thought I was Covered”
The Shocking Truth About Insurance Gaps When Attending Air Shows
By Tom Machum

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