DOLLS - May/June 2024

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7 After-Hours Elegance and Sophistication
David Escobedo Combines a Fantasy Backstory With Classic Designs
By Stephanie Finnegan

11 Say Hello to Ady
Meadow Dolls Creates a New BJD Exclusively for DOLLS

15 A Dream Come True
Oksana Shomieva Produces Realistic Reborn Dolls

BJD1 DOLLS Presents BJDs

BJD3 Wistful Waifs
The Appealing Artistry of Ana Salvador
By Pam North

BJD7 Perfectly Imperfect
BJD Designer Tatiana Tofaneto Embraces Transformative Change
By Wil Peterson

BJD11 Shows of Note
Previews of BJDC Texas, Resin Rose BJD Expo, and PNW BJD Expo

33 Spring for Winnie and Jemima
Follow This Pattern To Craft a Cute Dress
By Edith Schmidt

38 Collector Corner
Dolls Celebrate a Variety of Holidays

6 Editor’s Notebook
BJD11 Shows of Note
40 Doll Scene
41 Classifieds
42 Curious Collector
43 Portraits
44 Paper Doll
46 Event Calendar
46 Advertiser Index

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