DOLLS - July 2021

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The May/June 2021 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages. This issue includes our annual spotlight on BJDs with articles on BJD artists Kim Arnold, Virginia Lee, Nefer Kane, and Virginia Comish. In addition, this issue includes features on what Mattel has planned for Barbie this year, Korean fashion-doll duo Aquatalis, Gene Marshall, and more!



7 Abundant Elegance
Aquatalis tempts collectors with high-end fashions, repaints, new doll line
By Wil Peterson

10 Barbie Bonanza
Mattel’s fashion queen is more versatile than ever in 2021
By Stephanie Finnegan

14 Collector Corner
Dolls celebrate spring!

B1 DOLLS Presents BJDs

B2 That New Familiar Face
Kim Arnold uses new tech to expand BJD line

B6 From Top to Toe
Virginia Lee does it all when making dolls

B10 Artistic Expressions
Nefer Kane speaks through her doll sculpts
By Pam North

B14 Branching Out
Virginia Comish adds BJDs to her dollmaking lineup

36 Farewell to a Fashion Icon
JAMIEshow’s final Gene Marshall releases
Photos by Anne Monday


6 Editor’s Notebook
33 Doll Scene
40 Antique Q&A
42 Curious Collector
43 Portraits
44 Paper Doll
46 Event Calendar
46 Classifieds
46 Advertiser Index

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