Cessna Owner Magazine - 11/2014 - Digital

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November 2014

10 The Past, Present, and Future of Alternative Fuels
By Jim Cavanagh

18 Engine Saver to the Rescue! Protect Your Engine with a Proven and Proper Preventative Maintenance
By Max Lundin

24 Exterior Lighting Options & Upgrades Guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!
By Floyd Allen

28 TKM Inc. / Michel Avionics, Small Manufacturer BIG Story
By Bob Hart

40 Featured Plane: Cessna 414, Make Way for the Chancellor!
By Bill Cox

48 Lifesaving Smoke, Fire and Fume Fighting Tools and Procedures for the GA Pilot
By Jim Chandler

58 What to Know: Just How Important Is It for that Little Red Beacon Light to be Working
By Tom Ferguson

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