Cessna Owner Magazine - 11/2013 - Digital

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November 2013

8 Understanding Limits of Liability
By Mike Adams

10 Avionics Tools for the Light IFR Aircraft
By Bob Hart

20 Inspection and Troubleshooting Tips for Your Combustion Heater
By Dennis Sandmann

24 Deniece De Priester’s Hudson River Landing
By Max Lundin

28 Cold Weather Starter and Alternator Operations
By Tim Gauntt

38 Aerial Photography for Fun and Profit
By Floyd Allen

42 Should You Overhaul or Reseal the Prop
By Chris Bell

44 Featured Plane: Skylane Turbo Diesel
By Bill Cox

54 A Pilot’s Emergency Plan
By Scott Stahl

60 Is It OK for Fuel to Drip from the Left Wing Fuel Vent?
By Tom Ferguson

66 How to Keep Good Sparks From Spark Plugs
By Tempest AviationNew Ratings Help Make Flying Fun 74 Bill Cox

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