Cessna Owner Magazine - 09/2020 - Digital

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September 2020

What’s Inside…

8 Featured Plane
Cessna 172 Versus the World
Excitement sells — or does it?
By Bill Cox

14 Owner’s Perspective
By Glenn Chiappe

16 Avionics
Avionics Accessories
Extras to fill your empty panel slots
By Bob Hart

22 Sky Talk
Limited Rental
Can I “rent” to my friends?
By Scott “Sky” Smith

26 My Sky: Chapter 10
Flying on Ice
In the far north, ice can be a hazard above and below
By Bill Cox

30 Maintenance
Owner-Performed Preventive Maintenance
The mysteries of FAR 43
By John Loughmiller

46 Hangar Tip
A Better Way to Organize Your Baggage Area

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