Cessna Owner Magazine - 08/2015 - Digital

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August 2015

10 Safety Corner: The Oft-overlooked Parking Brake
By Thomas P. Turner

16 Aerobatics in an Everyday Airplane
By Catherine Cavagnaro

24 When You Can’t Walk on Your Runway
By Floyd Allen

32 A Safer View: Cutting-edge Camera Tech Takes Glass Panel Piloting to the Next Level
By Ryan Mohr

40 Flight Followng Is Your Friend
By Tom Machum

46 Featured Plane: The Cessna Cutlass RG, Gear Up, Sales Down
By Bill Cox

54 Take Your Engine to TBO & Beyond: The Case for Oil Analysis and Attentive Maintenance
By John Bradley

62Under the Cowling: How to Recognize, Remove & Replace a Suspect Cylinder
By Jacqueline Shipe

68 Lessons: 21 Tips for the Pattern
By Bill Cox

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