Cessna Owner Magazine - 07/2013 - Digital

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July 2013

8 How to Pick the Right Instructor
By Jason Blair

10 Repair and Replacement Options for Cylinder Overhaul
By Jim Cavanagh

24 Brake Breakdown: Part 2 – Inspection, the 4 Basic Components
By Max Lundin

34 10 Steps of an Engine Overhaul
By Floyd Allen

40 3 Basic Takeoff Principles
By Scott Stahl

46 Destination: Caribbean Sky Tours
By Pia Hilbert

56 Cessna 175 Skylark: Geared for Performance
By Bill Cox

68 How to Recognize Spark Plug Build-Up
By Tempest Aviation

72 Pros and Cons of GA Piston Powerplants
By Bill Cox

80 The Proper Use of Form 337
By Tom Ferguson

88 Alternator Understanding and Upkeep
By Jacqueline Shipe

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