Cessna Owner Magazine - 06/2018 - Digital

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June 2018

What’s inside …

10 Featured Plane
Jack Henry was a Cessna Drivin’ Man
By Bill Cox

18 Avionics
Legacy Avionics
A Concern for the Future?
By Bob Hart

28 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
This and That
By Joel Turpin

34 The View from My Hangar
Air-Oil Separators
Do I Need One?
By Erich Rempert

40 Sky Talk
How Medical Situations Can Affect
Your Pilot Ticket … and Possibly Your Insurance, Too!
By Scott “Sky” Smith

46 Manifesto
A Book Review
By Scott Sherer and Erich Rempert

54 Hangar Tip
I Don’t Put “Air” in My Tires
… And Neither Should You!
By Erich Rempert

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