Cessna Owner Magazine - 05/2016 - Digital

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May 2016

10 How NOT to Buy An Airplane
By Roger Battistoni

18 Avionics: Sperry’s Fascination, Gyros Made IFR Possible Electric Gyros Make It Safer
By Bob Hart

28 Performance Through Power: Part 2 Engine Upgrade Options for Mid-size Cessnas
By Jim Cavanagh

36 Featured Plane: The 210 Centurion Turbo, Flying “Upper” Class
By Bill Cox

42 Tips & Tales: Electric System Anomalies and Failures
By Joel Turpin

48 Lowering Insurance Costs
By Scott “Sky” Smith

50 When Your Airplane Moves to Another Airport By AOPA

52 Do I Tell AVEMCO About This?
By Marcie Veronie

56 Under the Cowling: What Lies Beneath, How to Find & Fix Corrosion in an Aging Interior
By Jacqueline Shipe

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