Cessna Owner Magazine - 04/2015 - Digital

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April 2015

8 Safety Corner: Renter’s Aircraft Insurance Coverage, The Hidden Danger
By Marcie Veronie

10 The real price of bringing a farm fresh “barn find” back to life
By Floyd Allen

16 myAircraftLogs.com and the Evolution of Logging
By Max Lundin

24 Featured Plane: Cessna Crusader, Flying Cabin Class in Economy!
By Bill Cox

32 Lessons: Lookng for 200 Knots
By Bill Cox

40 Under the Cowling: Stubborn Screws and Rusted Bolts
By Jacqueline Shipe

46 What to Know: Hey, It’s Not Rocket Science! 3 Simple Maintenance Tasks to Take On Yourself
By Tom Ferguson

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