Photographer captures Skyhawk framed by moon.

By Stephanie Cross

On Aug. 30, I took a photo of the Super Blue Moon in Wichita, Kansas, looking east. I caught the magnificent image of a local Cessna 172K Skyhawk flying directly in front of it. The photo went viral all over the world, and I was fortunate to track down the pilot who is out of the Wichita Avia­tion Academy here in Wichita and gave him a nice enlargement print. Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, but I’m not a professional (although I have been told otherwise). Mainly, I have a good eye and great patience.

I’m not a pilot but have been around aircraft for many years, starting with being an avionics tech in the USCG on C-130s and Falcon jets. I got out and went to work for Boe­ing, which turned into Spirit Aerosystems, as a mechanic and then, many years ago, I got into inspection. I’ve been a final inspector for the 787 Dreamliner for the past 17 years and will retire after 35-plus years this next summer. This photo makes a great memory and capstone in my aviation career.