Maintenance Advice, The Perfect Records Binder, Digitizing Your Records, Avionics Advice

A webinar/video presentation. This is video 7 of the post-purchase section of this webinar. It covers these topics and more:

  • Why to watch for problems AFTER your annual.
  • What maintenance areas do you need to watch for the most.
  • Creating the perfect records binder – what to photocopy, what to duplicate, and what needs to be in your binder.
  • What logbooks do you need in your plane? What do you need somewhere else? Where should you keep your records?
  • What percentage of the value of your plane can you lose if you lose your records?
  • Can you digitize-to-PDF your records yourself?
  • Avionics for the new-to-you plane owner: What you need to know, from Bob Hart (
  • Why you shouldn’t buy new equipment that is 10+ years into its life cycle.
  • How do you know when you need new avionics?
  • How long should you take (how much research should you do) before you purchase avionics.

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