DFW airparts - Deal with caution!!

DFW airparts - Deal with caution!!

They also do buisness as "getnick" on ebay

Not sure where to post this, but would like to give everyone a headsup about this outfit. I buy lots of items online and have rarley ever had a problem, that wasn't easily solved, until dealing with these guys. I purchased a door stop improvment kit from them. They charged me an outrageous shipping rate and to top it all off the expensive parts - mainly the door springs, were missing. Package was in one of those hot glue looking sealed us postal boxes, so was definatley not opening in shipping. All that came were the pins/cotter pins and two of the 4 light aluminum brackets. I supplied pictures of everything to Van (owner maybe?) and told him what i got was not even worth the postal shipping to send it back. So to top it all off I end up paying shipping to get it back to him and 1.5 months later he still denies recieving it. I don't buy it, as package had both his and my addresses firmly on it, taped and water/rip proofed.

So now I am out money for the item, the outrageous shipping and now return shipping and have nothing to show for it.

Buyer beware - and there was no way I was going to pay courier shipping charges with signature delivery for return.

Not a big dollar item, but to be treated like this from a buisness is unbelievable, a private ebay seller yes, but buisness no.

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