206H TC, TIO540 Engine question?

206H TC, TIO540 Engine question?

On the last flight I have noticed that the EGT is a lot cooler on Cylinder #2, CHT of #2 is comparable with the others. Fuel consumption even when following the POH procedure at TIT 75 rich of peak is outside the green arc, while usually at that same altitude it is around 18 GPH. Any suggestion?

I just recently started operating this airplane, I have many hours on older 206s, I have noticed that this one sprays a lot of oil all over the belly after each flight, parameters of oil are always in the green, and the plane uses about 1qt every 7 hours. We have a cargo pod and it`s really a pain to celan it up after every flight, and was wondering if this is normal or we are having some problems here.

This is a picture on how the airplane looks with the oild spills:
http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos- … 2173_n.jpg

Thank you!

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Re: 206H TC, TIO540 Engine question?

You might be blowing oil out the breather.  Try running the engine a quart or quart 1/2 low and see if the oil slick goes away.  Many engines prefer running without a full tank of oil, if your down just a quart or two, you wont hurt anything, and you might see less oil consumption.

Sounds like you have a bad EGT probe, since you have indicated that your CHT numbers are pretty close.

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